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You Zhou


You Zhou

Mentor: Nicolas Musi, M.D., Professor of Medicine

Hometown: Dalian, China
Undergraduate University:  Northwest University (China)
Degree Earned: B.S. Biological Sciences

My Research Interests:

Exercise has been shown to play an important role in prevention and treatment of a variety of diseases, including diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease and cancer.  Exercise also represents the most important approach to prevent and treat sarcopenia. Some of these benefits are thought to be induced by myokines—proteins and peptides that are produced and released from muscle fibers.  During exercise, muscle contraction promotes the secretion of myokines, which exert autocrine, paracrine and endocrine effects.  Some myokines that are secreted during and after exercise mediate crosstalk between skeletal muscle, liver and adipose tissue, and, thus, exert a systematic effect.  The goal of my research is to identify exercise-induced myokines by different methods, evaluate the dynamics of muscle myokine secretion post exercise, as well as study general functions of these myokines.

Why I'm excited to study aging:

I am excited to study aging, because new interventions that slow down aging and aging related diseases will bring significant public benefit, helping older people everywhere to have more satisfying lives.

My future goals:

Creating meaningful work and having fun in research.

Awards and Honors:

  • 2016 Outstanding Pre-doctoral Poster Presentation, Biology of Aging Student Day, UT Health San Antonio

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