Glenn Doctoral Student Fellowships

Current Glenn Doctoral Student Fellows:

2017 Recipients:
Eric Baeurle
Meghna Chinchankar

The Glenn Foundation for Medical Research is one of the premier philanthropic organizations whose mission is to extend the healthy productive years of life through research on the mechanisms of biological aging. Because of the importance of training future scientists in aging and because of the national stature of the Barshop Institute in aging research, the foundation awarded Glenn Doctoral Student Fellowships in 2012 and 2013 to graduate students studying the biology of aging at the university.

In the Graduate School and at the Barshop Institute, faculty equip young investigators with tools that help them delve into the many aspects of aging biology, from studies at the molecular level on proteins and genes to research at the cellular level, including use of stem cell therapy in aging, to studies on the mechanism underlying age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and cancer.>

We are grateful to The Glenn Foundation for Medical Research for their support of our research and education programs. The Barshop Institute provides students with the best opportunity to learn from world-class scientists in aging research at a time when understanding the aging process has never been more important.

The Glenn Foundation for Medical Research supports research to understand the biology that governs normal aging and its related decline, with the objective of developing interventions that will delay its progress and thereby extend the healthy years of human life.

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