Fall 2019 Biology of Aging Research Journal Club

Event Date & Time

December 13, 2019 at 12:00p - 1:00p


LIB 2.015 Long Campus

Event Details:
We invite you to attend this week's Biology of Aging Journal Club on Friday, December 13th, 2019 when Jonathan Dorigatti (Graduate Student, Laboratory of Dr. Adam Salmon) will present the following paper:

Alternate Day Fasting Improves Physiological and Molecular Markers of Aging in Healthy, Non-obese Humans.
By: Slaven Stekovic, Sebastian J. Hofer, Norbert Tripolt, Miguel A. Aon, Philipp Royer, Lukas Pein, Julia T. Stadler, Tobias Pendl, Barbara Prietl, Jasmin Url, Sabrina Schroeder, Jelena Tadic, Tobias Eisenberg, Christoph Magnes, Michael Stumpe, Elmar Zuegner, Natalie Bordag, Regina Riedl, Albrecht Schmidt, Ewald Kolesnik, Nicolas Verheyen, Anna Springer, Tobias Madl, Frank Sinner, Rafaelde Cabo, Guido Kroemer, Barbara Obermayer-Pietsch, Jöm Dengjel, Harald Sourij, Thomas R. Pieber, Frank Madeo
Published: Cell Metab. 2019 Sep 3;30(3):462-476.e5. doi: 10.1016/j.cmet.2019.07.016.

Attendance is required for all Biology of Aging students and for students and postdoctoral fellows on the Biology of Aging Training Grant. We invite and encourage all other students, postdocs, and faculty who have an interest in the biology of aging and aging-related research to attend. The Aging Research Journal Club meeting is held each Friday at 12:00 noon at Lib 2.015 on the Long Campus.

This meeting is also available through video-conference to Barshop 3.100.2 on the Texas Research Park.

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