Sam and Ann Barshop Insititute for Longevity and Aging Studies

Nicolas Musi, MD

Professor of Medicine


1995MDMedicine (Magna Cum Laude)Universidad Anahuac
Mexico City , Mexico
1996InternshipInternal MedicineUniversity of Miami-Jackson Memorial Medical Center
Miami , FL
1998ResidencyInternal MedicineUniversity of Miami-Jackson Memorial Medical Center
Miami , FL
2001Postdoctoral FellowshipEndocrinology and MetabolismJoslin Diabetes Center-Beth Israel Deaconnes Med Ct and Harvard Medical School
Boston , MA


My research expertise is in aging, insulin resistance and exercise physiology. My research program in metabolic/endocrine gerontology, is devoted to exploring the effects that aging has on numerous metabolic and cellular processes, and relevant to the patho-genesis of age-related diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and sarcopenia. My main clinical interests are (i) pathogenesis, prevention and treatment of diabetes in the elderly; (ii) molecular mechanisms underlying sarcopenia of aging; and (iii) effects of exercise on glucose and lipid metabolism at the whole-body and cellular levels. We conduct our research in human subjects, rodents, and cell cultures. Exercise Physiology – We are interested in elucidating the molecular mechanism by which contractile activity and exercise improve physical performance and whole-body metabolism in the context of aging and diabetes. Ongoing studies are examining the role of the AMPK-PGC1 and the TLR4-NFkB pathways on the adaptations to exercise training. Insulin Resistance – We aim to understand the molecular biology of insulin action in insulin resistant conditions. Techniques include: – Glucose kinetic studies in human subjects using the insulin clamp technique – Muscle biopsies in humans under hyperinsulinemic conditions and after exercise – Insulin sensitivity in rodents using the clamp technique and isolated muscle preparation – Primary human muscle cultures and co-cultures with adipocytes and inflammatory cells (monocytes, etc). – Methods for signaling studies include real-time PCR, kinase activity assays, Western blotting, siRNA, EMSA – Assays of mitochondrial function, including ATP production, oxygen consumption, membrane potential, and ROS generation. Metabolism, Diabetes, Aging – We aim to delineate the effect of normal aging on the molecular pathways that control metabolism. Also, we work to elucidate the molecular alterations that increase the risk of metabolic disorders and disability relevant to aging, including diabetes, obesity and sarcopenia. We perform our research utilizing cell cultures and animal (rodent) models, and also conduct investigations in human subjects.


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