San Antonio Nathan Shock Center Pathology Core

Age-related pathology increases exponentially with advancing age and is largely responsible for age-related morbidity as well as mortality. Pathological information provides investigators with insight into the potential biological/molecular mechanisms of the intervention under study.

San Antonio Nathan Shock Center GeroMetabolism Core

The GeroMetabolism Core supports the overall mission of the San Antonio Nathan Shock Center to enable research that aims to expand our understanding of mechanisms of aging and of age-associated disease.

San Antonio Nathan Shock Center Analytical Pharmacology and Drug Evaluation Core

The Analytical Pharmacology Core serves investigators in the fields of aging and age-related diseases nationwide. The services and expertise we provide help investigators at all stages of their careers, from early stage to senior scientists.

San Antonio Nathan Shock Center Aging Animal and Functional Assessment Core

The Aging Animal and Functional Assessment Core (Animal Core) is central to the principal objective of the San Antonio Nathan Shock Center: to facilitate development and characterization of mammalian models in which aging has been delayed in order to identify the causes of aging.

San Antonio OAIC Clinical Research and Pharmacology Core

This core assists basic and clinical investigators in developing rigorous and appropriately powered clinical studies and trial concepts that will lead to innovative approaches to improve healthspan and lifespan, and facilitates implementation and execution of translational human studies and clinical trials by investigators.

San Antonio OAIC Pre-Clinical Research Core

This core supports pre-clinical (animal) projects that explore the basic biology of aging and evaluate interventions that target the aging process to enhance healthy aging, as well as to prevent and better treat aging-related diseases.

San Antonio OAIC Trial Design and Integrative Informatics

This core will provide expertise in study design and development of database applications. Services include comprehensive biostatistical support, data quality control, and data security.

Barshop Institute Functional Lipidomics Core

The Lipidomics Core enables investigators to uncover alterations in lipid metabolism, homeostasis, signaling, and transport, and aim to provide insights into molecular mechanisms relevant to genetic and/or environmental changes and/or under disease and health conditions.