Location: Barshop Institute 1049



Yuguang ‘Roger’ Shi, PhD

Professor of Pharmacology
Joe R. and Teresa Lozano Long Distinguished Chair in Metabolic Biology


Year Degree Discipline Institution
1982 BS Animal Science Northwestern A&F University
P.R. China
1986 MS Genetics University of New England
New South Wales, Australia
1992 PhD Molecular Biology Australian National University
Canberra, Australia


My research work focuses on translational aspects of type 2 diabetes and other aging-related metabolic diseases, from identification and validation of novel drug targets, development of high throughput screening assays, to preclinical testing of potential therapeutic compounds in animal models. Our work has recently identified a critical missing link between mitochondrial dysfunction in aging and the onset aging-related metabolic diseases, including diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases. We are also uncovering novel signaling pathways that regulates glucose-sensing by pancreatic beta cells, since a loss of glucose responsiveness by pancreatic beta cell is a major pathological event that triggers the onset of type 2 diabetes.