Congratulations to Dr. Nelson on being elected as president of the Gerontological Society of America!

James F. Nelson, PhD has been elected by the 5500-member Gerontological Society of America to serve as its President in 2023 (Vice President in 2022). Dr. Masoro was the first individual from UTHSCSA to hold this position.

Biographical Sketch:

James F. Nelson, PhD, is Professor of Cellular and Integrative Physiology and the Barshop Institute for Longevity and Aging Studies at UT Health San Antonio.  He is Director of the Biology of Aging Discipline in the Interdisciplinary Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program.  He has been funded by the National Institute on Aging since 1993, the Medical Research Council of Canada and the Ellison Medical Research Foundation as a senior scholar.  A mentor to many graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, he has directed a NIA Training Grant in the Biology of Aging.  His research publications, numbering over 110, range from studies of menopause and reproductive aging to experiments elucidating biological mechanisms underlying dietary and pharmacologic interventions that prolong healthy life.  Recent work seeks to understand the basis for sex differences in aging and resilience. He has organized numerous aging conferences, including the Gordon Research Conference on the Biology of Aging, Oxford University, 2009, and the 44th Annual Meeting of the American Aging Association in 2016 when he served as president.  A fellow of GSA since 1992, he chaired the Biological Sciences Section, and has served on numerous GSA committees as well as scientific advisory boards and review panels at NIA, and elsewhere.

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