Congratulations to Drs. Qiu and Palavicini on their recent publication in Molecular Neurodegeneration!

Shulan Qiu, PhD, and Juan Pablo Palavicini, PhD are co-first authors on their recently published paper in Molecular Neurodegeneration titled “Adult-onset CNS myelin sulfatide deficiency is sufficient to cause Alzheimer’s disease-like neuroinflammation and cognitive impairment”.

By: Shulan Qiu*, Juan Pablo Palavicini*, Jianing Wang, Nancy S. Gonzalez, Sijia He, Elizabeth Dustin, Cheng Zou, Lin Ding, Anindita Bhattacharjee, Candice E. Van Skike, Veronica Galvan, Jeffrey L. Dupree & Xianlin Han
Molecular Neurodegeneration, volume 16, Article number: 64 (2021) | DOI:

*These authors contributed equally

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